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my passion

I’ve been doing body work for over 20 years and I found my passion in practising the Hawaiian healing massage Lomi Lomi Nui.


At the beginning of 2019, my heart was calling me to go to Hawaii so I could reconnect with my Hawaiian roots. I had the great honour and opportunity to take part in an internship programme with my beloved Hawaiian teacher Kumu Mahealani, messenger of the ancestors.


Together with my teacher

Kumu Mahealani (left),

on Pahoa, Big Island, Hawaii 2019


Doris Klautzsch



coach for transformation and self-love

lomi lomi nui Practitioner & Teacher, 

(lomi bone wash, ha breath)


Shiatsu and Acupressure Practitioner

She shared with me the ancient worldly wisdoms of the Hawaiians, which have been passed on from generation to generation, and told me the Na Kupunas had chosen me to write a “visual book”. I was meant to be a “tool” to bring the Hawaiian life philosophy to the Western World, which would now, in times of increasing change, be ready to open itself up again to traditional global knowledge surrounding the Aloha Spirit.

It took me another one and a half years until I felt this calling myself. In the meantime, I gained more experience in internalising my truths, skills and tools and integrating them into my western lifestyle. Eventually, I felt strong and focussed enough to pass on these teachings that had been forgotten in our part of the world to others.

A result of this was the one-day retreat, which can be a strong impulse if you want to make an important life change. It is an introduction to a never-ending process, as everything is energy, and energy is ever-flowing, never-dying, only ever changing its form. Therefore, everything is constantly changing.

Since October of 2020, I inspire people in my one-day retreat to find their own truth, to increase their self-love and to unlock their creative power (“Spirit Greatness”).

In 2021 I felt a calling to go to Mallorca – my own personal Hawaii. It’s been my vision to create a permanent place of energy there which offers an additional opportunity to go beyond the experience of (one-day) retreat 1.0. Over a period of optionally one to four weeks, you will have time to assume your creative power and to live it effectively.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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