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lomi lomi nui

To me, the Lomi Lomi Nui massage is not a craft but an artform, which works on a very deep spiritual level. Using the essence and spirit of “Aloha”, it showers you with love and is able to connect you to your higher self, your creative power. It is intuitive and tailored to you.


These effects are exponentially increased by the knowledge that is passed on during the one-day retreat.


Lomi means to press, knead, rub as well as to work from the inside out. Nui means unique. The doubling of the word Lomi emphasises its meaning. Lomi Lomi Nui – a massage that evokes a unique comfortable feeling, internally and externally.


This massage, that was originally a Hawaiian temple ritual, encourages you to let go of the old, be open to new experiences and to face life with joy. Traditionally, the Lomi massage used to cleanse off burdensome energies. At the same time, it was a celebration that was supposed to prepare you for an important new beginning in your life. If you had to take on an important task, it served to recharge body and soul with the necessary energy.


The Lomi Lomi Nui massage can offer vital support especially during a process of healing or change.


It is a fruitful source of inspiration and has the power to drive artistic / creative development processes.


Embark on a very personal journey to find yourself and feel unconditional love, wholeness and unity. You will realise the beauty of your own body, mind and soul and internalise it with a long-lasting effect.

Experience how time, space and limitations dissolve.

Duration of treatment: 90 / 120 minutes

Stay: 120 / 150 minutes

Price: 150 / 200 euros

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